About us

Company PRO Ltd. is specialised in services of laser cut, metal bending, welding and machining on CNC and classical machines.

During the last 20 years PRO Ltd. has grew into one of the leading Croatian companies in the field of metal working and laser cutting. The policy of quality which we lead has been recognized and certified by ISO 9001 quality certificate. We achieved collaboration with numerous companies within the field of energetics, industry and civil engineering throughout various projects of metal working and laser cutting. More than 25 years of tradition, work and experience in the field of metal working, lead to development of our own products.

We are proud to present our solar water heating program, but we would like to point out as well other products such as security window shutters, fences, eaves etc. Machines and tools which are being continuously upgraded, high quality stuff, invested knowledge and experience are the reasons of successful business, proper relations with partners and growing export.

Our offer can be divided in 3 main groups:

1. METAL MACHINING which involves metal laser cut, bending, machinig by separation of particles and welding primarily by MIG/MAG and TIG welding processes.

2. DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION OF PROTOTYPES AND COMPLEX CONSTRUCTIONS – we deliver projects according to request, but we do as well development of new products, production of prototypes for new solutions and technical documentations.

3. OUR OWN PRODUCTS – solar water heating collectors, security window shutters, stainless steel fences and eaves, silicone extruder, parking guard etc.

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