Product description

Device for ventilation with heat recovery is designed for ventilation of smaller closed rooms.

The device is of rated value 60 m3/h. Mounting is to be made on outer wall.

Main characteristics of this device are high energy efficiency, small dimensions and easy mounting. High energy efficiency has been achieved with plate heat exchange unit and two electronically controlled ventilators.

When installing, the minimum required distances from the ceiling and the right wall must be taken into consideration. Before mounting the device, it is necessary to drill two holes with a diameter of 110 mm at the intended location of the outer wall. Next step is to insert two plastic pipes (delivered with device) in the holes. Pipes are to be cut to proper length. After the pipe mounting, pipes are to be fixed with expanding foam and the bore edges are to be repaired.

Device is delivered with net converter 230 V AC/24 V DC foreseen for central European inlets. Device is ready for use immediately after electrical connection. Speed of rotation of ventilators can be set with button for continuously speed adjusting.

There is option of device for fixed electrical connection. In this option converter is built within the housing of device.

Device for ventilation with heat recovery consists basically from to ventilators-inlet and outgoing ventilator and air to air counter flow heat exchanger. Inlet ventilator is sucking the outer air and blowing into the room. At the same time outer ventilator is sucking the air from the room and blowing to outer space. Both air flows are streaming through heat exchanger without to be mixed one with other. Flow with hot air transfer within the heat exchanger heat to the cold air. It means that during the winter ingoing air will be pre-heated, and in summer hot will be cooled.

In that way important energy savings are obtained what might be our contribution to preservation of the environment.

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