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Heating of domestic water by solar energy is an ideal solution for energy saving

Solar heating systems may reduce the annual energy consumption for domestic hot water heating by 50-60% on average, whereas during summer months they may completely replace conventional systems.

Our PRO-SK1 solar collector has uniquely designed high-efficiency absorber providing high level of solar energy absorption and minimum losses in heat transfer to the working medium and minimum emission of heating energy.

It’s top performance, with registered design, is a result of many years of research and testing of new manufacturing technology, enabling the flow of the working medium throughout almost entire absorber’s surface. In that way the best possible heat transfer from the absorber surface to the working medium is achieved.

The high absorption of solar energy and minimum emission of heating energy are achieved by applying a special selective layer on the absorber surface.

Various fastening possibilities enable easy mounting of the collector on either angled or flat roofs of residential or commercial buildings or on the various types of constructions (example: parking lot roofing). The front side of the collector is protected by solar safety glass, and the mineral wool on its rear side provides thermal insulation. The collector housing is produced entirely of aluminum sheet, enabling long service life in all weather conditions.

The collector is intended primarily for applications in domestic hot water systems and central heating systems but, with some modifications, it turns into an extremely efficient collector for heating swimming pools or for installation as glass facades.

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