Product description

Bioclimatic pergolas are intended for protection from the sun and precipitation in one. Bioclimatic pergolas are a system with adjustable slats that is designed to create shade when the slats are open, and protection against precipitation when the slats are closed.

The bioclimatic pergola with slats is custom-made and is available in different colors (RAL) with plastic coating of your choice. The main advantage of this pergola is that it allows adaptation to weather conditions, the user can regulate the slope of the slats and thus create shade, allow the passage of sunlight on the terrace or protect the area from rain. Such pergola can be installed in private courtyards or to protect the terraces of cafes, restaurants, spaces in front of companies, etc. If the pergola is installed in front of glass surfaces of a family house, restaurant or coffee shop, it can save some money by reducing the need to cool space.

Thanks to the extremely solid construction and selected materials (aluminum, stainless steel) used in the construction, maintenance is undemanding. The slats are driven by linear actuators, it is possible to open and close the slats up to 135 degrees. The drive can also be performed mechanically via the handle. Bioclimatic pergolas are suitable for protection from the sun and precipitation in restaurants, cafes and all kinds of outdoor terraces and home gardens.

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