Service description

Angular metal sheet bending is a type of bending where workpiece is being put between matrix with “V” die and a punch. Using pressure workpiece is getting bend between punch and die. By turning workpiece it is possible to produce various complex shapes.

Besides of work with punch and die it is possible to use appropriate, complex tools to produce custom-shaped forms. Using our NC angle press, we offer a service of sheet bending and profiling for sheets up to 6 mm in thickness and 3000 mm in width.


  • bending of metal sheets up to 3100 mm in width (width of inner frame 2550 mm) with pressure up to 120 t
  • sheets up to 6 mm in thickness/s
  • work speed 10 mm/s, approaching rate 100 mm/s, recurrent rate 90 mm/s
  • programmed NC controlling of run on Y and X axe
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